About Us

In a more globalized and digitalized business environment, there are endless opportunities in starting a business from home and working on a personalized schedule. Starting a bookkeeping company has become a very attractive option for many individuals who wish to tackle a growing market and need for bookkeepers. Small businesses are always on the hunt for qualified and reliable bookkeepers to assist their business operations. With the booming start-up trend, there has never been a better time to start bookkeeping for them!

The first step to starting a bookkeeping company involved training and educating. Any person interested must become trained in the art of bookkeeping. An education involving accounting or business may be helpful but does not automatically make one qualified to bookkeep. It is a delicate and specialized field that can only be mastered through practicing and perfecting. Fluency in programs, such as QuickBooks, is a minimum requisite to starting the company. The dangers in not being qualified include quickly losing reputation and esteem from customers.

The next step involves a personal decision. It is probably not advisable for anyone to abruptly end their day job to tackle a bookkeeping company full-time. Instead, one must decide whether they wish to work on their company after-hours at home or in the office. Both options offer advantages and disadvantages. Starting the company from the day job could offer networks and resources necessary to building the company. However, working from home provides comfort and individualized autonomy in managing the company. There will be a time when the business may outgrow the confines of the home as well. One must be prepared to make the decision as to where the business will be.