Are Smart Phones the Bookkeepers of the Future?

Keeping up with your expenses has become much easier as technology has advanced to the point you can track purchases by type, date, and price based on the receipt you get at the time you get your prescription filled.  Now, that receipt is likely to be sent to your smart phone, and kept there until it’s downloaded to another file.  This has prevented faked receipts, late receipts and illegible receipts – things that bother bookkeepers to no end.  You can also get electronic records that make bookkeeping so much easier, it’s hardly the chore it was in years past when one person was asked to keep track of every little piece of paper with numbers on it. Some might ask if a bookkeeper will be necessary in the future, or go the way of the old PBX (switch board) operator of yesteryear.  It is important to keep track of your pertinent health records, especially if you have a bookkeeper who will be required to produce records at tax time.  And using Groupons for purchases at Walgreens pharmacy is a smart way to start.  They can provide the information you need related to your prescriptions, refills, and over-the-counter purchases so you can quickly identify those expenses related to your business and those that aren’t.

You wouldn’t associate Walgreens with Groupon, but the two have partnered to bring additional savings to their customers, and folks are loving the results. In fact, Walgreens is more than a pharmacy.  It is a place where you can purchase any number of items from greeting cards to cosmetics.  And if it’s snack time, there’s a wide variety of goodies to choose from.  They stock name brand items in the cosmetics aisle, and are an ideal quick stop when you need to pick up a gift before heading off to a party or reception.   When you add Groupons to the mix, shopping at Walgreens gets better.  They offer coupon codes that take 25% off beauty and personal care, 50% off back to school items, and more on clearance items.  And if you ever have a question about any of the items you purchase there, you can get all the info related to the purchase you need from their knowledgeable staff.

Every bookkeeper wants to keep accurate, efficient records of account payables and receivables, payroll and other reports.  They make sure there’s a place for everything, and keep everything in its place.  When it’s time to reconcile your expense reports, month end items or per diem, you can be sure your purchases from Walgreens will be in logical and even chronological order.


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